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What's AWOL

ungerground AWOLed

AWOL stands for Away Without Leave. When a player goes AWOL, all his turn shall be skipped from that round onwards, until he returns to base, or the game ends. When a player is AWOL, his name would appear gray on the game page (see right).

Why do players get AWOL

The AWOL system was created to speed the game along since many players do not return to MajCom to take their turn for whatever reason, or they are unable to. You will go AWOL is you meet any of the following conditions.

  • You miss your first turn in your first game.
  • You miss two turns in a row if you are a grunt; three for a strategist, four for commander class.

How to get back into a game after AWOL

After you are AWOLed in a game, and you want to get back into it, you will need to:

  • Click "view" in that certain game, which doing so the system will tag you as returned to base.
  • You will have to sit out your coming turn before you can take any turns again.