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Classic Mini Map


Brief tab showing command bonuses


Commands 6
Special Features: Double Dipping

Strategy and Tips

As Major Command Risk, the smallest Classic Mini map, requires a different approach, especially in larger Risk games. South America, Africa, and Oceania are good early bonuses, especially in conjunction with Antarctica (note: holding Antarctica by itself confers no bonus, but will give you a +1 when you hold any other command).

Large Risk games, 10-12 players, are great fun on Mini, but they're a bit of a crapshoot, and it's not unusual for players to be eliminated before they even get a chance to take a turn. A 20% winning percentage under such conditions would be pretty amazing, so don't get discouraged.

Recommended settings
Singles: 2-4p (10-12p for veterans)
Teams: 4-6p
Reserves: Any
Reinforcements: Border/1, Path/1, or Anywhere/1


Gameplay: Incandenza
Graphics: Widowmakers