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Major Command Risk Map Special Features

Many maps on Major Command Risk offer special features that add spice to the basic gameplay of a map like Classic Evolved. These features can run the gamut from ranged attacks to different Command bonus structures to dead regions that cannot attack anything. When trying a new map, take care to read the instructions in the Brief so you don't get left flat-footed.

Adjusted Region Bonus

Instead of the standard +1 for every 3 regions, with a minimum of +3, the region bonus amounts have been adjusted to award either more or fewer troops per region.

Autodeploy / Decay

Troops are automatically deployed to or taken away from specific regions at the beginning of the possessing player's turn. A region cannot decay below 1 troop unless that region is also a Killer Neutral.


Some territories bombard instead of attacking. The dice and rolls for bombardment are identical to a traditional attack. After the attacker wins in a bombardment, the defending territory is replaced with a neutral army and the attacker cannot occupy the territory.


An icon or single region on the main map represents multiple regions, which are shown in an offset box.


Rather than control an entire command, a player must only control a certain number of regions within that command.

Conditional Commands

A command that only garners a bonus when held in combination with one or more commands.

Conquest Gameplay

Players only start with a small number of regions and must fight their way through neutrals before reaching other players.

Dead Space

At Major Command Risk certain regions are not part of any command.

Double Dipping

A region or group of regions that are a part of multiple commands.

Flexible Commands

A command that can be held by holding any combination of the territories. i.e. holding any three of the four tankers in The Balkan Peninsula gives a +1 troop bonus

Floating Fortresses & Rocket Bombs

Found in the 1984 map, these territories become active at the start of a turn where a player controls the Oceania (North & South America) or Eurasia commands. The Fortresses/Bombers may Bombard only, and may not advance any troops. They also may not be attacked. The Fortresses/Bombers reset to neutral at turn end, and any remaining troops there are vacated.

Inner Commands

Smaller commands that sit within larger Commands and if held in combination with the larger command, award a troop bonus.

Killer Neutrals

A region that starts as a neutral that, when taken, will revert to neutral at the beginning of the holding player's turn.

Negative Bonus

A region or group of regions that, when held, will decrease the number of troops awarded for deployment. Note that regardless of how many of these are held, a player will always be able to deploy at least one troop.

Nested Commands

Where a large command is broken up into subdivisions, hold one of the divisions for a small bonus and all of the command together for the full troop bonus.

One-Way Borders

A region can assault and reinforce to another region, but not vice versa. Reinforcement is permitted bi-directionally.

Ranged Assault

A region can assault and reinforce to another region (and vice versa) though they are not physically connected on the map. This will often be represented as airports or helipads.

Resource Commands

At Major Command Risk unlike normal commands, which often depict real-world countries or continents, Resource Commands require specific regions or combinations thereof that might be spread all over the map.

Special Commands

A command that is made up of regions that are not visibly connected or regions that might be situated within other commands. i.e. the two capital cities in The Sea of Japan map

Starting Neutrals

Certain regions will always start neutral, usually to guide gameplay or to ensure against a player gaining a command on the drop.

Starting Positions

Certain regions on a Major Command Risk map will be coded such that players will start with one or more of a preset group of regions.

Victory Condition

Players can win by holding a set of specified regions for one or more turns or fulfilling some other objective instead of eliminating the other players.