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Your Profile Page

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Rank and Stats

  • Rank - An image and name are given to you based on your score.
  • Class - This is the level of membership you have.
  • Score - This is how many points you currently have.
  • Honor - This is your rating, voted by other players, of honor; on the degree of whether you are honorable or dishonorable.
  • Diplomacy - This is a reflection of how you conduct yourself while using diplomacy, the number in brackets is a number of how many diplomatic truce you have broken.
  • Games - The number of games you have completed or currently playing.
  • Turns taken - Your total amount of turns taken.
  • Opponents defeated - The number of opponents defeated.
  • Current streak - The number of opponents you have defeated since your last loss.
  • Longest win steak - The most number of opponents defeated in a row without a loss.
  • Longest losing streak - The most number of games you had lost in a row.
  • Command - not implemented yet

Service Awards


Service awards are awarded by Central Command to users who have dedicated themselves to the betterment of Major Command Risk in various roles and duties. Users with a service award can be considered experts in their specific roles.



Medals are awarded automatically for achieving a variety of milestones over your career at Major Command. Generally, there are four levels of medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold and the ultimate Onyx. The higher the level the higher the degree of difficulty or perseverance.

Your medals are displayed in stacks of four. You may select which four medals are displayed at the front in the profile settings, the remaining medals display the ribbon only. The ribbon is the top portion of each medal.



The briefing is an area to display some optional personal info about yourself. Let your opponents know they are being destroyed by a young military prodigy, or strike fear into the hearts of those whippersnappers. Feel free to represent your town/city/nation/state/office/apartment building or school. You can let other players know some of your interests, or share an intimidating quote. Whatever you choose, just remember this section is totally optional.

Awaiting and Current Games


This is a handy list of all the games you are in. Current games are obviously the ones being played right now, while awaiting games still need more players to join before starting. Included in the game descriptions are the map, number of players currently joined/players needed to start, and the game number, which is a click-able link taking you directly to that game.



The Frontline is an area reserved for Commander Class users. It's another space that can just be used as more shiny bling for your profile page, as a place to put your favorite quotes, keep track of your high scores or really do whatever you want to to make your profile page ever better!



The Dispatchers are hard at work every day, assembling and distributing the most important information and current events here at Major Command Risk. This area will keep you up to date on various new developments such as, new maps, added features, upcoming tournaments, and much more.



You can display the avatars of up to 6 (36 if you are Commander Class) friends at a time here. Show the MC world who you respect, display your favorite doubles partner, even pin up a pic of your arch nemesis!



One of the many ways to communicate on MC is through your Comment box. Click Send as Comment to display your message for all to see. If you are on another user's Profile Page, click Send as Note to discreetly deliver your message to that user's inbox.

If a comment is left on a users page they don't get a notification about it, if you want them to respond it is a much better idea to send a note to them instead of a comment