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Central Command


Boss General

NewSheriffInTown, MrMarcos

Site Development

(Dedicated to Constant Improvement and Greatness)

Coder General, Bug Killer, and Game Developer - MrMarcos

Frontend Commander for New Game Engine - dpinheiro

Map Creators

Cartography General and Map Designers - Shepherd, Lulzim

Major Command Risk Game Organizers

(Dedicated to Creating the Most Fun Under the Sun)

Tournament General - Masterjskye, JCUK, ndrm31, calume
Senior Tournament Organizers - airwick, Tapeworm, Redstorm
Supporting Tournament Organizers - Geoffrey, th-child, BadElmer
Master of the Maps Master General - airwick

Media and Info

(Dedicated to Keeping You Informed)

Generals of the Wiki Order - JCUK, Redstorm, luiscasanova periwinkle

Risk Safety and Security

(Dedicated to Making Sure the Few Don't Ruin it for the Many)

1299 Inspector General - Redstorm
1299 Investigators - brianstheman, Cardinalsrule
Community and Morale General - Redstorm periwinkle
Forum Patrol and Monitors - Cardinalsrule, Sebrim, brianstheman periwinkle

Joint Forces Command



Ambassadors are often the first point of communication for new users. They have a variety of roles including inviting and greeting new users, answering questions, organizing community events and taking care of the Major Command Risk Twitter and Facebook accounts.

The Art Department


Once the Map Screeners - The Art Department is now the sculptor of the maps and other artistic items around Major Command. They make sure Major Command looks it's best at all times, and they look good doing it!

Tournament Organizers


The men and women who create wars in a deliberate manner, and challenge strategists and commanders to test their skills in fighting to end the chaos, over a continent, or even the world.



A clandestine group of Sherlocks who investigate allegations of cheating and multi-account abuse. They are equipped with the latest top secret technology and know all the tricks in the proverbial book. If you have suspicions about another player, you can send a note to the MCCIC clan admin or post in the private support forum.



-A merry band of players who test bug laden new features before they are released publicly.

Wiki Bar


-The round of knights who governs the wiki land updates new entries and sweeps junk off pages. They also plan new places, making sure everyone in the world are up to date.

Retired on a Desert Island

Boss General

  • Badorties - Half mortal, half-undead Viking warrior, Bado was the original Boss General, founder, leader, visionary, and responsible for all the operations to get Major Command off the ground.

Community General & Tournament General

  • Incandenza - is in charge of morale. He is also a leader of the Tournament Organizers, guiding them all to create the best tournaments that challenge you.

Server General

  • codanostra - handles most of the server administration and keeps this boat in the air.
  • Sensadrome - Call in a precision server and database strike when needed.

Code General

  • Evan - The original bad ass bug killer!
  • Ibnutri - He designed the new engine frontend, now the job finish it depends on others.

Inspector General

  • Orbotron - All seeing and all knowing leader of the MCCIC.
  • Chilly - Cheaters froze when he would come around...
  • th-child - The coolest head in town. If we played good cop bad cop, he would be voted the best.
  • KungFuDuet - KungFu helped eveywhere!

Deputy General

  • Cassidy - is a helpful lad, also moderates the forums.

Cartography General and Map Designers

  • RJBeals - the original map makers responsible for the best!
  • WidowMakers - the original map makers responsible for the best!

General of the Wiki Order

  • KungFuDuet - The master of the Wiki. If you read it, he wrote it!
  • BeanZ - Contributor extraordinaire! A wiki machine!

Video and YouTube Major General

  • BeanZ - ah youtube. It was a great idea while it lasted!