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What's a Tournament

A Tournament at risk like games (or as some players call them, a tourney) is an organized competition consisting of at least 2 rounds of elimination games, either for teams or singles. You would need to win each round to advance in a tourney, and the winner would be the one who comes out victorious in the final round.

Finding, Joining Tournaments

Finding and joining an open tourney


  • Go to the tournament page by clicking the tournament tab.
  • Click the Open button (the green one!). OpenTourneyButton.png


  • Click one of the tournament banners.


  • Click the Join Now button (in the box on the right). JoinTourneyButton.png

Now your name would be shown on the Players list. Along with that, the tournament would be highlighted in the tournament page. (ie. I had joined Map Explorer British Isles, so it is highlighted) All you need to do now is to wait for the tourney to fill up, and into the tourney you go!

Note: If you want to drop out from a tourney, you can do so before the tournament starts. Just get to the specific tournament, and click the drop out button, which would be there instead of the Join Now button.

Membership Requirements

Unfortunately, tourney is a feature for Strategist and Commander Classes only. If you want to join a tournament, you will need to upgrade to either of these classes. For more information, visit User Classes.

How do tournaments work?

Structure of Elimination

Lets say there is a 3 round tourney going. The first round has 8 four player games. The one and only winner of each will advance to the next round - 8 winners in total. The second round has 2 four player games. The one and only winner of each will advance to the next round - 2 in total. The third and final round has 1 two player game. The winner will take the glory, and the non-winning finalist (or the loser...) will feel sorry.

Only one player (or one team) will be able to advance to the next round per game. If you get eliminated... End of story.

Automatic Running

After a tournament had been created by one of the Tournament Organisers and had been opened to the public to join, everything would be automatic. In that meaning:

  • You will be automatically put into a risk game, and the game will automatically start.
  • You will automatically be placed into the next round if you have won the current round.
  • You will automatically be given the tournament pot (or your portion of the pot) if you reach the requirement of getting it. (ie. Winning or sometimes getting into the finals)

Randomized games and teams

Players will be randomly placed by the system into each round, if there are more than one risk game in that round. For example, if the first round of a tourney had 6 risk games of 6 players, then the 36 players would be randomly put into one of them. In a team tournament, who your partner is will still be random. After each round you will most likely have a different partner.

How do the points work in tournaments

Buy In

Joining a tournament will require you to pay an entry fee, and most tournaments would cost between 4 points to 20 points. The points will contribute to the tourney pot (ie. winnings). For example, a tourney with 24 players buying in 4 points each will produce a pot of 24x4 = 96 points.


The pot is the winnings at the end of the tournament. The award breakdown % will be stated on each tournament page. Below are a few typical pot breakdown percentages:

  • 100%
    • The winner of the final round will take the entire pot!
    • No one else gets anything!
  • 80%, 20%
    • The winner will take 80% of the pot.
    • The 2nd placed players (non-winning finalists) will get 20% of the pot divided equally amongst them. If there are three second placed players, then they would get 20%/3 = 8.33% each.
  • 70%, 20%, 10%
    • The winner will take 70% of the pot.
    • The 2nd placed players (non-winning finalists) will get 20% of the pot divided equally amongst them.
    • The 3rd placed players (eliminated semi-finalists) will get 10% of the pot divided equally amongst them.

Team tournaments work in the same way, except the winnings will be equally divided amongst each player of the team.

Special Features of Tournament Games

Games of tournaments are not really any different to normal Risk games. Points will still be awarded as per usual. The only thing different is that a tournament game will be highlighted red in your game list.