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USA Risk Game Map


Brief tab showing command bonuses


Commands 8
Special Features: None

Strategy and Tips

USA has three advantageous points for growth: New England, from whence one can expand into the Northeast; Great Lakes, which also allows easy growth into the Northwest; and the West, which gives easy access to Four Corners (and with the capture of Wyoming gives you only three borders to defend). If you're not well situated in one of these commands, fear not, since many inexperienced Risk players will exhaust themselves fighting over these commands, allowing the savvy Risk player to displace or even eliminate them when the time is right.

As a standard Risk gameplay medium-sized map, Risk gameplay on USA won't be all that different from Risk gameplay on Classic Evolved or South America.

Recommended settings
Singles: 4-8p
Teams: 4-8p
Reserves: Escalate
Reinforcements: Path3 or Path/1


Risk gameplay: Incandenza
Graphics: RjBeals