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Video Tutorials

For your benefit of learning through looking at how other players use their brains and take their turns, we have recorded some players' turns on various game settings.

1v1 Game Video

The following link will lead you to a page containing videos of a 1v1 game between Badorties and Incandenza on the Classic Evolved Map with a setting of escalate reserves, and three path reinforcements. Please enjoy the fierce war created by these two grand world powers as they fight each other until the domination of the world is completed.

Click here for the intense conflict: Face Off!

Four Players Singles Game Video

The link below will let you enter another time and experience the four emperors' ambitions to take over the world through your eyes. They would need to go through alliances, betrayals and a lot more to achieve their goal - one world, one empire. Two emperors' have released these exclusive footage taken from the satellites that recalls even the smallest details on this fascinating war.

Click here for the classified files: [Four_Player_Singles_Escalating|War of Four Seasons] [coming soon]