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Play Risk Scoreboard


The Play Risk Scoreboard is actually a collection of five different leaderboards, covering multiple aspects of world domination skill. Gone are the days when having the most points made you top dog, to prove yourself on MC, you need a well-rounded Risk game.

All time = All time!
Current = A "Current" player is a Gold (Commander) or Silver (Strategist) member who has played at least 1 turn in the last 180 days, or a Free (Grunt) member who has played at least 1 turn in the last 45 days.


Use this handy search box to seek out both enemies and friends.


(Current) We of course have the classic point leader board, showing those dedicated players who have spent countless hours amassing great wealth. Showing the top 200 Risk players, this is the easiest way to make a name for yourself on the Major Command Risk scoreboard. Beware of the top Risk players here as they leave nothing but scorched earth and decimated kingdoms in their wake!

Scoreboard Most Decorated.jpg

(All time) Sharpening their swords across many different battlefields, learning to join forces with other powerful leaders, these are 10 of the most well rounded Risk players in the Major Command Risk universe. They have been recognized for excellence with many medals.


(Current) When you're hot, you're hot. This board represents the 20 Risk players who are currently kicking ass and taking names (and not losing). It's a great feeling to cut through your competition like a hot knife through butter, and these Major Commands are doing it on a daily basis. As long as you keep winning, your name will continue to rise, but one single loss and you are thrown from grace, tossed off the list, and your CDO (Consecutive Defeated Opponents) count is reset.


(All Time) CDO is a shrine to the 20 hottest streaks ever seen on MC. If you find yourself near the top of the Current CDO board, chances are your name will be scribed here, to be admired by mere mortal dice rollers.


(All Time) Ten of MC's most veteran (or addicted) Risk players appear here. These folks have run out of room making notches on their weapons, laying waste to the masses that dare oppose them.


When you're the new guy on the Bloc, your name goes here. Fresh recruits are always a welcome sight in war, and new users are no exception. If you happen to be browsing the boards, why not visit a few of their profile pages and extend a welcoming Comment. You never know whose help you might need in a future battle!


Want to keep track of MC's swelling ranks? This is the place to do it!