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Clans - Major Command Risk

What's a Clan?

On Major Command Risk, a Clan is comprised of a group of Risk players, usually sharing similar interests - playing and winning Major Command Risk (but isn't that our interest and goal as well?), and sometimes they may be from the same city, country, or planet (if we have any alien Major Command Risk players out there).

Competitive Clans

They are ones that you need to watch out for - they hang in gangs (That rhymes! I am a poet and I didn't know it! Oh - and again!), waiting for a vulnerable moment to raid points of anyone, from high to low, from strong to weak. They can march and make the earth shake, they can sneak and not a feather floats. They are deadly, they can come for you, and they have got the numbers to do it. Beware!

Social Clans

The first word for you about them is this - Chatterboxes. These guys can go on for ages talking about what they ate for breakfast or what their interests are. They are a bunch of happy chappies who share their thoughts with others in the clan to use up their time (no, just joking - sometimes they can be serious).

Special Clans

There are guys who are in special clans out there, constantly trying to make Major Command a better place to Play Risk Online. There are the street sweepers ... Hang on ... Whoops, that's not right. The list below contains clans that you should drop into their page and say hi, perhaps also making a comment of appreciation:

Well... I believe The Wiki Bar (Glorious Light is right here... see it?) is also a part of it... but no one seem to know that we are out there...

For more information about these guys, head to their Clan Pages, or have a look in staff.