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Brief tab for the NUKES! map - DON'T FORGET TO READ THIS


Regions: 66
Commands: N/A
Special Features: Bombardments, Resource Commands, Starting Neutrals

Strategy and Tips

Before you start playing on this map, it is a very good idea to read the Brief Tab and get yourself used to the way you get bonus troops, as this map has what we call Resource Commands, instead of the normal set commands in Classic Evolve and other maps. You get bonuses here by holding specific regions - and how many you get for each type is written on the Brief tab.

When getting started, you may want to identify where your troop concentration is (ie. either USA or USSR), and focus on wiping out everybody on that side of the map so you can build your forces up without them being much of a nuisance.

Once you have held one side, the only way you can attack from that side is by bombarding the other side. At that time you may want to start building up your nuclear weapon to your corresponding country (USA's missile is on the left and USSR's missile is on the right). Once you have all the regions you need to launch a missile at the start of a turn, you get 50 bonus troops to rain down upon your enemy.

But remember to keep an eye on the enemy's side as well. A good idea is to keep some troops on your spy agencies, and they are able to sabotage a few things on the enemy's side. If you find them ready to launch a missile, you can disable one of their regions by bombarding them and returning them to neutrals. Spy agencies can also attack some other regions to lower the enemy's bonus.

Let's now see if it will be your button that gets pressed first, or theirs.

Recommended settings
Singles: 2-8p
Teams: 4-8p
Reserves: Any
Reinforcemtns: Path, 1/3


Gameplay: Badorties & Incandenza
Graphics: WidowMakers