Rivals of Rome

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Rivals of Rome Map

Another great map to play Risk online at Major Command


Brief tab showing command bonuses


Regions: 73
Commands: 13
Special Features: Auto-deploy

Strategy and Tips

With the +1 troop auto-deploy on all of the cities and +2 in Rome, it is important to snag one city (or as many as you reasonably can) in the first couple of turns. The Western Isles and especially Britannia are small commands that are perfect to try and start to get a strong foothold as well.

Remember that the regions that are not part of any commands (Creta & Cyprus) connect the eastern side of the map well. Be wary of defending the borders by sea. They also make it easy to get a large stack of troops from north to south on the eastern side to possibly start a chain of eliminations in an escalating Risk game.

Recommended settings

Singles: 3-8p
Teams: 4-12p
Reserves: Escalate
Reinforcemtns: Path/Anywhere, 1/3


Rivals of Rome is another map that has come from the community and through the map studios. From one suggestion of "The Roman Empire" it began to develop through throwing ideas off one another. With the start of the map development done by Cagey it made its way to the third version seen here. It was then taken and the finishing touches added by the Cartographer General Shepherd. The development process can be seen in the forum thread here

RoRWIP1.jpg RoRWIP3.jpg RoRWIP4.jpg RORNames.jpg

Idea & Risk Game play: Cagey, sebrim
Graphics : Shepherd