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Bring up almost anything on our Risk game forums. Here at Major Command Risk we suggest that you'd better post questions in the correct forum. Some people talk about Music and Movies that are completely off topic from Risk Game Forums, others talk about the Game Play and New Maps. It is a place where anyone from Bomb Inspectors to The Major Commander can contribute their thoughts to. Enjoy playing our Risk-like games and feel more than welcome to address any question to Risk forums.

Major Command Risk Forums

The seedy underbelly of the Major Command Risk universe.

Major Command Risk

Of or pertaining to pure Major Command awesomeness.

The "Major Command" part of the forum is for you to share cool things, start a vote, or anything else within the area of Major Command Risk Gaming. You might want to congratulate someone who got up to the top of the scoreboard, or maybe brag about your good dice? Go to MajCom to claim your Glory!

The Mess

Off-topic and on-point.

"Soup and tomatoes everywhere, I can't even find my chair!" No idea what I am talking about? Don't worry, I have no idea either. In "The Mess", everything is messier than you can ever imagine. We have people talking Movies, Music, Books, School Work, Current Affairs, International Conspiracy... OK, maybe not the "International Conspiracy" part, but there are piles of off topic matters right there. Go to The Mess to join in the food fight.


New to MajCom? Just lurking around? Introduce yourself here.

What's up people? Greetings! Say a word right here in the Salutations! Tell us a joke, or about your first crush, or what time you went to the toilet - anything at all about yourself. OK, maybe not about the toilet, but just drop in and say hi! Fly to Salutations! and tell us your name!

Support, Feedback, Bugs

This is wrong, and that's wrong. I am sorry, but you have to do it again!

Questions and Answers

Public questions answered by Major Command staff or other smart folks.

Got a question about MajCom and want the answer, but you just couldn't figure it out? Post on the Questions and Answers forum, and you will surely get your answer! Go to Questions and Answers and relieve your inquisitive mind.

Suggestions and Ideas

Let's make this place a better world (domination)

Did you come up with a great idea to make MajCom more Awesome than what it already is? (That would be a little hard to do... hmm... Maybe I should say something else here?) Do you have a suggestion to make things easier for new players? Speak up right here in Suggestions and Ideas. Go to Suggestions and Ideas to unload your huge cargo of ideas.

Bugs and Fixes

Things that go bump in the server.

Getting stuck on a page or a button lately? Found something that isn't the way it should be? Report it all in the Bugs and Fixes forum, with tech guys fixing anything from big to small, making sure that your gaming experience is at its best. Go to Bugs and Fixes and let the pest control handle the bugs.

Private Support

Yes... Hmm... I will see what I can do ...

Is there someone disturbing you experience in MajCom? Do you need special help on dealing with a certain matter? The Boss General and other Moderators are here to help you through anything, anytime, anywhere. Go to Private Support and signal an S.O.S.

Special Operation

These Risk Game Forums are for members of Special Clans only. More info on Special Clans and Central Command.


These Risk Game Forums are for members of specific clans.

How To Around The Risk Forums

Need to learn how to post a sentence, an image, a video or anything else? Check out Forums Help to learn it step by step.

Forum Rules

Before posting in the forums, remember to be sure you are not breaching our rules! Our main rule would be: "DO NOT BE THAT GUY"! For the full rule, check this.