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If you would like to continue playing strategy and war games at Major Command, simply click here to go and play Risk online games. But before you do this, you had better read carefully our Community Rules below!

Major Command Game Community Rules

Major Command Risk Game has two rules. These should be enough for 95% of you.

  1. Do not make a second account.
  2. Do not be "that guy".

If you don’t know who that guy is, he is the person who ruins the fun and experience for others by being rude, abusive, overly annoying or committing other forms of douchebaggery. Competitive banter in the game chat is fun, but that guy will take it too far, throwing in racial or derogatory comments. Moving up the Scoreboard is everyone's goal, but that guy will systematically try to work the angles and grey area of fair play. Lively forums are fun, but that guy often acts like an internet tough-guy and adds zero value to the discussion. Nobody likes that guy.

We run a one warning policy. If you are being that guy, we will let you know, and request you to stop. If you continue to be that guy, you will receive a permanent site-wide ban. If you find yourself banned, you can appeal the decision after a specified amount of time by emailing [email protected]

Particularly egregious offenders will get the ban hammer without warning.


Cheating is not tolerated here in any form. Cheating can generally be defined as using an unfair advantage against unaware opponents. It sounds ambiguous but you know it when you see it and it generally takes the form of secret diplomacy.

Examples are (but not limited to):

  • Colluding with another player to eliminate an opponent or opponents prior to the start of the game.
  • Communicating strategy or agreements with other players using any means other than the in-game chat or diplomatic message tab.
  • Deciding the outcome of a game by any means outside of that game without the explicit consent of all remaining players.

Players have been and will continue to be permanently and IP banned for these offenses - so don't do it.


If you don't want to be that guy then don't do any of the following. This applies to game chatter, forums, Comments on user profiles, private notes or anywhere else where you may interact with your fellow MajCom'er.

  1. No flaming. Flaming is classified as insulting or attacking someone online. So don't go into someone's thread or user-page and call them any obscenities. This also includes picking fights and encouraging others to flame you. We understand that the situation can get heated on the battlefield, however, obscenely insulting your opponent will not get your points back and may get you banned.
  2. No racist, homophobic, sexist, or derogatory stereotypical remarks. This includes usernames like n1gger, or iluvHitler, or anything that can be seen as offensive to a class of people. You must remain respectful to other players at all times.
  3. No pornography or offensive material. This includes images, links to pornography or obscene images, or sexually explicit text. Sexually explicit avatars, user images, forum signatures, or else will not be tolerated. If you are unsure whether your image is sexually explicit/obscene or not, ask in the private support forum. Unwanted sexual advances are not tolerated either.
  4. No advertising. Advertising competing services and sites are not allowed. External links may be deleted if they are deemed as advertising. Advertising for a clan, tournament or anything else found on is of course perfectly fine.
  5. Staff members are to be respected at all times. Criticism and "bashing" or rebelling against staff members is not permitted to be done in public and generally is not tolerated in private. If you have an issue with a staff member or their decisions, please discuss by posting a thread in the private support forum.


We want to keep our forums lively and orderly. Make sure you abide by the following.

  1. Avoid spam, i.e. posts that nobody can find useful.
  2. Try to search the forums for appropriate threads before starting your own.
  3. Follow the advice and warnings of the moderators.
  4. Forum signatures should not be oversized or too annoying. Animated or flashing signatures are not allowed. Links to MajorCommand related content is allowed, but external links are not. A maximum of 3 links is allowed in a forum signature unless approved by a moderator.
  5. Post in the correct forum. A moderator will move the thread if its in the wrong place, but don't make them work too hard, they will get annoyed.


Follow these rules for a pleasurable experience.

  1. No flooding. Repeatedly posting lines of text, smileys, or anything else is flooding.
  2. Do not send unwanted private messages (whispers).
  3. The above etiquette rules should also be applied in chat.